Hammam Treatment
The hammam has its origin in Central Asia where it had a cleaning as well as a social function. A Hammam treatment wil make you aware of all your senses and combines different rituals in the spirit of heat, water, cleaning and relaxation.
It is a rich scrubritual on a marble table with plenty of water and olive oil soap. The scrubritual is carried out with a silk glove (SAC).
After exfoliating, you get a treatment with a cotton bag (Torba) filled with hot foam of olive soap. Your complete body will be covered by this foam and then powerful massaged by one of our employees. Dead skin cells are removed, the blood flow is stimulated and your muscles will relax! Between all this acts you will be continuously topped with hot water. Your body will get in a supreme state of relaxation! The treatment can be individually or as a couple.
The rates for the various treatments are:   Hammam standard 30 minutes €39.50 p.p. Soap scrub + massage (massage with soft glove) + Cleaning  The ritual close off with a traditional Arabic Cup of tea. Rhassoul clay ritual €19.50 p.p Mold release with clay-Turkish bath  And a cup of Turkish tea
 Hammam Department
 All treatments take place from 13.00 h till 21.00 hours
You can choose from a duo treatment given by 1 masseuse, you than together on a large table plate, or you can choose one after another, This you can also decide on the day itself.
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 The Rhassoul  Treatment it’s only bookable in combination with a Hammam treatment