Cosy and delicious dining in Midwolda's Eethuys! In the beautiful Inn on main road 33 in  Midwolda, is apart from Sauna Beauty farm in Midwolda  rear end, also a restaurant located in the monumental  for home. Though the two companies the same  owner, they are completely independent of each other.  It is so not like you in the restaurant visitors to the sauna  in bathrobe. The two enterprise are completely  separated then except that they are in the same building is Midwolda's zittenSinds 2012 Eethuys opened.  If you use the separate entrance to the impressive gang comes in, turn left onto the front House.
 With a great sense of detail, the restaurant is decorated for 12 guests.  In Eethuys you can enjoy a  Midwolda's, lunch and dinner.
 We have a nice range for you on our Menu. For young and old! For the youngsters there is the possibility of a  children-menu to put together  Our Cook pulls all the creative to the guest to open registers.  The Dutch menu goes with the seasons and  changes regularly.  Do you have a special requirement or would you with a (large) group.  Please contact us  and we will discuss the flexible options. The restaurant offers a variety opportunities e.g. birthday, anniversary, association or club outing from 6 persons up to 12 people. Finally, there are in the front garden cosy comfortable terraces, pendulum,  that is sure at a pleasant invite to enjoy the outdoor temperature environment and fair dishes, all kinds of soft drinks, excellent coffee, fine wines and a variety of beers.
 High Tea cosy, tasty, Rich, just chat  in our cosy farm  Now you can enjoy our delicious High Tea offer!  What is included?  A variety of sandwiches smoked salmon with fresh lettuce and  dressing Goat cheese with fresh lettuce, apples, honey and  walnootjes  Brie with fresh lettuce and honey walnootjes Old cheese  with lettuce, nuts and dressing Bonbon neat, petit fours, cookies,  krentebroodjes and croissants With of course a wide variety of tea  flavors.  Pure indulgence!  The high tea is served in our restaurant,  on our terrace  or in the Restaurant in the Sauna  for €17.50 p.p.  Advance booking A.U.B.
 See you at the Eethuys Midwolda's!
 Appart accessible!           The Eatery is separate from the Sauna
           Wellness Resort Sauna Beautyfarm Midwolda