These are our saunas:
 The Finnish sauna.  The sauna is thanks to the Finns have become popular.  The traditional sauna is there fore called the "Finnish sauna".  The use of a sauna stimulates blood flow and activates the function of heart and blood vessels.  Muscles relax easier once the body warms up.  This also reduced the activation threshold. In short: you come to rest.  The breathing and blood circulation are stimulated  Once the body cools down after using the sauna.  It can cool off  under the cold shower.  Brrrrrrr. equally scare but the effect is fantastic! All in all you will feel after delicious relax,  equipped and of course clean. While using a sauna  is there a "spring cleaning" place in and on your body and mind.  Many Finns use the sauna cabin as we use the shower.  Even sweating and then to work. Also check out our treatments  for an extra boost.  Turkish steam Grotto The "Turkish bath" is a treat for respiratory and respiratory tract. It opens the pores.  Just as the  steam room, the sauna is a form of relaxing in combination with  body cleansing. Enriched with natural fragrances as  eucamint, pine or eucalyptus, lemon,  the steam bath is a refreshing experience with a healing effect.  The steam room  is super moist and much less hot than a sauna (only 48 degrees).  Ideal for people who are less good can transpire and 
  A wood-fired outdoor sauna +/-85 degrees in which every day is   given a covering liquid session to 19.00 hours   A combi sauna: +/-65 degrees and 35% moisture   A Finnish sauna: +/-80 degrees in which each day covering liquid   sessions are given to  16.00 hours 2 consecutive sessions and   evening to 21.00 hours 2 sessions in a row There are also usually   held sessions on varying times singing bowl  in the wood-fired   outdoor sauna   A Finnish sauna: +/-90 degrees sauna, also a silence (Shh, here is not  spoken. ...)   the Turkish steam Grotto in which also aufguss sessions can be  given And the long wave infrared sauna 90% depth  
 And the long wave infrared sauna 90% depth
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